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Any member of the BGMC may check out the books and pamphlets in the Club's library listed below. To check out materials, please contact Deborah Alderman at dalder@prodigy.net and she will bring the requested items to the next monthly meeting.
American Mineral Treasures, Gloria A. Staebler and Wendell E. Wilson, eds., 2008 (354 pages)
The book you have all heard about from the 2008 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
Ancient Forests: A Closer Look at Fossil Wood, Frank J. Daniels and Richard D. Dayvault, 2006 (456 pages)
Contains 1600 color photographs and 438 micro fossil images.
Beryl, John Sinkankas, 1986 (200 pages)
Very similar to Sinkankas' Emerald book with many identical drawings and photos but contains less detail.
Crystal and Gem--an Eyewitness Book, 1991 (50 pages)
General knowledge for beginners. Excellent color photography.
Crystal and Mineral Collecting (A Sunset Book), 1960 (140 pages)
A guide for beginners.
Devonian Paleontology of New York, David M. Linsley, 1994 (472 pages)
Paleontological Research Institution Special Publication 21.
Dinosaurs, Dunes, and Drifting Continents--The Geohistory of The Connecticut Valley, Richard Little, 1984 (100 pages)
Many line drawings, charts, maps, and B & W photos. Large format paperback.
Emerald and Other Beryls, John Sinkankas, 1981 (600 pages)
Part I--History and lore, in magic and medicine, in art and ornament.
Part II--Chemical and physical properties including structure, color, luminescence, inclusions, synthetics, cutting and polishing.
Part III--World sources of gem beryl.
Gems and Precious Stones of North America, George Kunz, 1968 (360 pages)
Chapter on each gem group including properties, locales, and important finds. A few B&W photos.
Gemstones and Minerals--How and Where to Find Them, John Sinkankas, 1961 (350 pages)
Prospecting and collecting tips, tools, rock classification, how minerals form, field features to look for, storage and preparation. Some B&W photos and drawings.
Geology, 1949
A textbook.
Jade, J. P. Palmer, 1967 (50 pages)
Properties of jade and where it is found around the world. Many nice color photos.
Introduction to Mineralogy, William Neese, 2000 (442 pages)
Textbook on mineralogy.
Mineralogy, Dexter Perkins, 1998 (484 pages)
Textbook on mineralogy.
Microscopic Identification of Crystals, Richard Stoiber, 1972 (250 pages)
Textbook on optical properties of minerals for use with thin sections.
Mineralogy for Amateurs, John Sinkankas, 1964 (550 pages)
Classification, xl growth, physical properties, indentification, descriptions of mineral by group. Line drawings with some B&W photos.
The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology, John J. Renton (3 DVD set)
Each DVD consists of a 30-minute college-level lecture.
The Pegmatite Mines Known as Palermo, Robert W. Whitmore and Robert Lawrence, illustrated by Frederick C. Wilda, 2005
Over 200 pages of history and mineralogy of the famous Palermo phosphate pegmatite mines, North Groton, New Hampshire.
Petrified Wood: The World of Fossilized Wood, Cones, Ferns, and Cycads, Frank J. Daniels, 1998 (176 pages)
430 color photographs.
Principles of Geochemistry, 1960 (300 pages)
Textbook on the chemistry of the earth.
Quartz Family Minerals, H. C. Dake, 1938 (300 pages)
Roadside Geology of New Mexico, Brad Van Diver, 1987 (200 pages)
One of the popular series with B&W roadcut photos and sites along state highways.
Roadside Geology of Vermont and New Hamshire, Brad Van Diver, 1987 (200 pages)
One of the popular series with B&W roadcut photos and sites along state highways.
Rocks and Minerals (A Golden Nature Guide), 1957
Paperback for beginners.
Successful Mineral Collecting and Prospecting, Richard Pearl, 1961 (150 pages)
The art of finding minerals, the most valuable minerals, field work and gold panning, staking a claim, studying minerals at home. B&W photos and sketches with some color plates of minerals.
The Mineral Kingdom, Paul Desautels, 1968 (250 pages)
Minerals in history and myth, gemstones, classics, famous sites. Many fine color and B&W photos.
Western Massachusetts--Mineral Localities, Alan Plante, 1992 (100 pages)
Geologic and topographic maps accompany guide to twenty localities.
Wyoming Jade--A Pioneer Hunter's Story. Russell Macfall, 1980 (50 pages)
History of jade hunting in Wyoming with important finds. Includes discussions of Jade in general and from other localities around the world.
Yogo: The Great American Sapphire, Stephen M. Voynick, 1985 (200 pages)
The history of the Yogo Mine in Montana beginning with its discovery in the late 1800's to the date of publication. The Yogo was the source of the finest sapphires to be found outside of India. A few B&W and color photos.

Booklets, Pamphlets, Publications

Approved List of Lapidary Material Names (AFMS booklet)
Approved list of Common Names for Fossils (AFMS booklet)
Bill's Booklet of Lapidary Tips (50 pages)
Double Wire Trees, Dick and Skipper Eberhardt, 1981 (60 pages)
A how-to with simple sketches.
Colorants of Ancient Civilizations, C. G. Inman, 1984 (40 pages)
Sources of dyes and pigments.
Crystal Quest I, Marcel Vanek, 1991
Booklet of cartoons poking fun at collectors.
Exhibiting: The Show Biz Aspect of the Hobby, Patricia Mummert and William Shelton, 1990 (64 pages)
Includes selecting specimens for display, the case, design and lighting, arranging and labeling. No photos. (Published by EFMLS)
Glossary of Mineral Species, 1971
Geology and Minerology of Mount St. Hilaire, Quebec, Worcester Mineral Club, 1973 (50 pages)
Includes geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and comparison to other syenite localities. Line drawings. No photos.
Granite State Mineral Collecting, Ronald Gallup, 1970
Guide to the Minerals and Rocks of Minnesota, 1960 (30 pages)
Guidelines for Judges, an AFMS booklet, 1900 (20 pages)
Let's Start Faceting (30 pages)
Luminescent Minerals of Connecticut--A Guide to Their Properties and Locations, Bob Jones, 1960 (50 pages)
Lunar Rock Under the Microscope, Zeiss
Twenty one slides with some text.
Maine Mineral Collecting
Short pamphlet.
Mapping and Mineral Operations in the U.S., Bureau of Mines, 1967 (80 pages)
Metal Craft--The Creative Art (35 pages)
Defines materials and terms used the craft.
Mineral Collecting in Vermont, Raymond Grant, 1968 (50 pages)
A publication of the Vermont Geological Survey. Directions and topographic maps.
Minerals of New Hampshire--A Field Guide, D. Hoisington, 1977 (164 pages)
Classifications by type. Mostly charts--not a guide to sites.
Open Mineral Sites of Vermont, Ruben Whittemore, 1988 (13 pages)
Minimal directions to many sites. No maps.
Panning for Gold and Gemstones at Highway Stream Crossings, David and Clois Walker, 1990
Thirty nine sites in most of Vermont Counties. Road maps for each site. No text.
Prospecting for Uranium, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1957 (200 pages)
The Geology of Vermont, Barry Doolan, 1996 (8 pages)
Article reprinted from Rocks & Minerals, vol. 71, p. 218-225.
Vermont--A Special World
Rockhounding in Vermont.
Vermont Geology, Volume 4 , Vermont Geological Society, 1985 (75 pages)
Thetford Mines Area, Guilford Dome Area (SE VT), Crown Point Section NY, The Cambrian Platform(NW VT). Background information followed by field trip road logs with maps, charts and drawings.
Yellowstone's Living Geology, 1960 (60 pages)


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